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Ultra Speed Cable Jump Rope

$12.00 (You save $2.01)
Special Details:
On sale for limited time. Usually ships in 24 hours.
0.25 LBS
  • Buy 5 or above and get 20% off

The Rope that Revolutionized Competitive Jumping

We invented the Ultra Speed Rope in 1999 as the first speed cable jump rope designed to be attached at a 90-degree angle. This rope has since revolutionized the sport of jump rope, with competitors using it to set many US National and world speed and multiple under records. It's built with a lightning fast metal dowel that enables 5-6 jumps a second. A smooth turning and very durable system. (Note: for an upgraded version of this rope with lighter handles, see the Ultra Light Speed rope.)

Are you a competitor? Your speed and multiple under scores will soar with this innovative rope. 

"Ultra Speed Cable jump ropes are the only ropes I'll use at my gym. They are hands down the fastest, and most durable ropes I've found. I've tried many different jump ropes and no matter what the price, they always seemed to break. The Ultra Speed Cable ropes hold up better than anything else and they are really affordable too! I highly recommend these ropes."
-Tommy Hackenbruck 2nd Fittest Man on the Planet, CrossFit Affiliate Owner, Avid CrossFitter, and fitness enthusiast. Former Linebacker on the 2004 Utah Fiesta Bowl Team.

Product Features

  • 2 year warranty on handles.
  • Nylon coated cable is 10' long and USA made. Entire rope assembled in the USA.
  • Our cable resists kinking unlike all other cables on the market.
  • Easy to change lengths with Philips head adjustable screw/collar. With similar jump rope systems, the customer must know exactly what length to buy. If they get it wrong, they are stuck with an extremely overpriced rope. With our system, you can make the size of the cable perfect for your height.
  • Stock length is long enough for athletes 6' 6". (Using proper form.)

Indoor jump rope only. Do not use on abrasive surfaces. We recommend using the Jump Rope Fitness Mat if jumping outdoors. (Another outdoor option is to use the Boxers Training Jump Rope with PVC cord.)


Our cable comes in a 10 foot length. One size fits all. Will fit anybody up to 6' 6" tall. Resize for your purposes according to our sizing guide. Cut off the extra cord after adjusting the cord with the adjustable screw/collar system.

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  • How to Size a Jump Rope for Speed Jumping
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Write your own product review

  1. Better than any rope I've used  star rating

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Feb 2015

    I roderd my jump ropes a month ago. They are holding up well for indoor use. I like how customizable they are.

  2. The right rope for triple unders  star rating

    Posted by Michael on 2nd Feb 2015

    The plastic covered metal rope has the right density (weight / volume) for learning to do triple unders.

  3. Excellent sport accessory  star rating

    Posted by Matheus on 30th Jan 2015

    easy to use, very light, increase speed for double under.

  4. Great double under rope!  star rating

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Jan 2015

    I've had issues with double unders in the past and decided to try this rope. Somehow my double unders significantly improved! It's the only one I will use going forward.

  5. Fantastic  star rating

    Posted by Stefania on 5th Dec 2014

    I'm very satisfied with this product, I'll buy again from this site. Excellent!!

  6. Helped me with my double unders  star rating

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Sep 2014

    Being able to improve and move forward in my double-unders by adjust the rope to me personally and having the weight and non curling up has helped tremendously! Thank you! Also, being able to have color combination so I know what rope is mine, so it doesn't get lost at the gym during large group workouts.

  7. Affordability & Quality can't be beat!  star rating

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Aug 2014

    I've frequently ordered these jump ropes in "bulk" quantities, and as a personal trainer who needs the equipment to function properly, I have been more than satisfied with my personal results and response to other's use of these jump ropes. I highly recommend these ropes if you have any interest at all in fast-paced single or double-under jumping :)

  8. Very light and fast  star rating

    Posted by Tony San Antonio from chattanooga, TN United States on 22nd Jul 2014

    This rope makes jumping effortless. I need very little wrist action to get the rope going to double under speeds. I can really relax my arms and shoulders and just focus on my jumping rhythm. The rope keeps its shape even when kept wound up in my bag all the time. Only jump on smooth surfaces or the plastic coating with peel off the wire. The handles and wire are very light so if you like bigger thicker handles and a rope that carries momentum you should look at other ropes.

  9. Ultra Speed Jump Rope Review  star rating

    Posted by El Cid from Temecula, CA United States on 21st Jul 2014

    The order and shipping process was great. My order arrived correct and timely.

    Pros: Nice system, excellent quality, excellent price.

    Cons: 1) I am 6'3" and the cable is a tad short for me. Wish it came 6" longer - shorter jumpers would have the option to trim to length. 2) The PVC tubing that came with the jump rope was shorter than the replacement 10' 3) The handles were a bit short for me - not enough to be dysfunctional, but I would have appreciated another 1.5 inches.

    Overall: I would recommend the product. I would recommend this company. I will definitely request a bit more length on future orders.

    Video demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MCVdQ9M7zw

  10. This jump rope kicks all kinds of butt  star rating

    Posted by Anonymous Person from USA on 20th Jul 2014

    ...Including mine. I'm 6'2" and the length is just fine. You may want to take a look at your form if you're 6'3" and it's too "short".

    It's a super simple rope that is easy to jump. You can get it going ridiculously fast, and the handles and the way they rotate make it a lot easier on your arms. You can focus more on jumping and tiring yourself out more than worrying about your arms and shoulders getting tired.

    The best part is that it is adjustable on the fly at the gym as long as you have a small philips head screwdriver - and the fact that the rope doesn't kink - it makes it a lot easier to coil it up and toss it in your gym bag.

    I have the black coated cable. Before this rope - I've owned a Buddy Lee Jump Master rope, and a Buddy Lee Aerospeed rope. This beats it hands down. Never buying another rope from anywhere else but here.

    Thanks guys!

2 year warranty on the handles.

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