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Product Notes: Choos​e you​r cus​tom b​eads ​by ty​ping ​the l​etter​s you​ want​ belo​w (ma​x 14 ​chara​cters​, inc​ludin​g spa​ces -​ for ​a sta​r bea​d use​ the ​* sym​bol -​ for ​a hea​rt be​ad us​e the​ @ sy​mbol)​:
Brand: Annas Rainbow Ropes  |   Weight: 0.20 LBS

Add some flair to any of your beaded jump ropes (in 14 characters or less!). With our new Alphabet Beads, you can add your name, your school or words of encouragement to any double dutch, long handled or single beaded rope. The beads will come in a bag and all you have to do is slide them onto the end of your rope and you are ready to jump in style. Just think about all the fun custom words you could come up with. Here are a few of our favorites: 

Might Mouse | Have to Jump | I Love Jump Rope | Jump Rope Rox | Have to Jump | I Love Jesus | Got Speed | Coach | Grouchy | Hondo | Warrior | Miracle | Bubbles | Tornado | Ace | S.O.S. | Hobbit | Squirt | Turbo Man | Freaky | Ms. Poo | Gym Junkie | Ambers Mom | Comet Coach | No Pain No Gain

If you would like to add your custom beads to both sides of your rope, simply order two bags. Any combination of letters from A-Z are available as well as a star or a heart. Simply type what letters you would like to include in the box above (for a star use the "*" symbol and for a heart use the "@"). The beads will come in a variety of colors for a fun rainbow effect.

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